The Tesla Semi was designed to be a long-range spaceship for the road (TSLA)

The Tesla Semi was literally designed to provide a spaceship-like experience for the driver. Tesla designed the truck using many off-the-shelf parts from the Model 3. Tesla allowed journalists to compare the Semi with conventional diesel big-ri

The new 'Star Wars' game temporarily removed the feature that caused a massive backlash (EA)

Game publisher EA has temporarily removed microtransactions from "Star Wars Battlefront 2," the flagship new "Star Wars" game launching on Friday. "Battlefront 2" was at the center of controversy this week, with fans outraged that they might hav

Google's former robotics division has a backflipping robot now, and everything is fine

Boston Dynamics is back with updates to Atlas, its humanoid robot. Now, Atlas can do a backflip.  Google sold Boston Dynamics to Softbank earlier this year.  Boston Dynamics' robots are both cool and creepy. Boston Dynamics may have switch

The Tesla big-rig gets rid of something truckers have done forever (TSLA)

Tesla revealed its big-rig on Thursday night. The all-electric Tesla Semi eliminates the conventional clutch and gears of traditional big-rigs. The Tesla Semi should also have far better brake life than traditional rigs. HAWTHORNE, Califor

Tesla just revealed its new Roadster and it's a complete game-changer (TSLA)

Tesla surprised everyone and unveiled a new Roadster on Thursday evening.  "The new Tesla Roadster will be the fastest production car ever made, period," CEO Elon Musk said.  The base model of the Roadster will do 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds.  "It wil

A breakdown of iPhone manufacturing costs over time

The iPhone X is the most expensive mobile phone on the market. It is a fact that consumers have largely gotten used to, and many early buyers now acquiesce that the high price is worth it. During Apple's Q4 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook commented on th

Elon Musk says Tesla made a new Roadster to be a 'hardcore smackdown to gas-powered cars' (TSLA)

Elon Musk called the new Roadster a "hardcore smackdown to gas-powered cars." Tesla finally has a proper supercar. Serious fans of the company have been begging for a new Roadster for years. HAWTHORNE, California — It takes a lot to upstag

Tesla just unveiled its first electric semi — and it looks like a spaceship (TSLA)

Tesla is getting into the trucking business.  On Thursday, CEO Elon Musk took the wraps off the company's first electric big rig, a semi the company claims is safer and more efficient than any diesel-powered heavy duty truck on the market.  "Over

Humans just tried to make contact with aliens — world leading scientists tell us what would happen if they reply

Following is a transcript of the video. Humans just tried to contact intelligent aliens. There's a fiery debate in the scientific community. Should we actively try to contact aliens? Pros: We could make first contact with intelligent aliens.Cons: W