More than a million Americans are suffering from a debilitating disease that makes simple tasks impossible and they're sick and tired of being ignored

New biopsy procedure helping women avoid repeat miscarriage. - KTRK Houston News #infertility #ivf #miscarriage

Winnie the Pooh Quote 2. I Promise!! -J

Smashing barriers to access: Disability activism and curb cuts: photo of men in wheelchairs with signs that say "Don't let us down" "How dare they?" "Don't break promises" "How about Brooklyn VA Hosp" "Our Families are here--why not us" on sidewalk with buildings and trees in background. #history #activism

Public transit in New York City to translate for disabled riders with limited English #nyc #transportation

Alastair Sharp, daughter Tallula, 3, son Sebastian, 7, and wife Kara found themselves turned away from a flight to Australia at Pearson Airport last week because the airline refused to let them use Sebastian's special seat designed to help him sit upright.

As caregivers, we deal with the unfulfilled dreams of loved ones. Quite often these unmet aspirations lead to depression. Here are 5 ways to help our loved ones adjust to chronic illness.

For millions of renters with limited mobility and other physical challenges, there are few homes and apartments on the market that work for them.

Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Updating New York's Accessibility Signage and Logos | New York State Senate

Daoliang Hu of China (L) competes against Alim Latrech (R) of France during the men's Team Catagory Open Wheelchair Fencing Final on Day 10 of the London 2012 Paralympic Games at ExCeL.

Addressing Poverty Among The Disability Community -- One Policy At A Time

Student who needed EIGHT operations to stop her brain ‘falling through her skull’ is now hoping to be crowned Miss America. #EDS

Using Sports To Promote Inclusion and Equality for People With Disabilities | DipNote #MissMissionBeach #AdaptiveSports

Truth!!!! #disabilities #awareness #livingwithdisablilities #cerebralpalsy #chronicpain #chronicillnesses #chronicillnessawareness #disabilityawareness #Burks #spoonies #spoonielife

Meet the Media Enabled Musketeers, a group of Russians and Americans with #disabilities who have banded together to raise #awareness about disability issues through #film. They have created a dozen short movies that delve into the everyday challenges faced by people with disabilities — issues of accessibility, love, dreams and prejudice. One of the films, "Don’t Look Down on Me," has become a YouTube sensation, viewed more than 2.6 million times.

A Canadian couple quit their jobs, sold their cars, moved across the country and hunkered down for months to turn their pet project of affordable, designer prosthetic covers for amputees into reality.

Steve Gleason Act Passed by US House: Latest Details, Comments and Reaction

@Overstock - Increase the mobility of people in wheelchairs and scooters Portable ramp is easy to handle and set up Mobility aid is made of lightweight aluminum $66.08

In what is likely a world first, 14 disability campaigners are jointly running in Córdoba’s mayoral election to make Argentina’s second city more accessible