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**Difference between freedom and liberty | The Millennial Star ~ Read the article the person comments beneath by the BYU guy also: from FB friend Joseph Anthony Thomashefski

Pleasure and losing weight? Yes, this might be the magic needed for you to get healthy!

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Here's the real reason sex makes you so happy - Business Insider

Here's the real reason sex makes you so happy

The Real Reason Sex Makes You Happier -

Getting lucky tonight? You may be in for more than you bargained for—in a good way! Read on to... #sex #happiness #relationships

Here's the Real Reason Perfectly Happy Couples Aren't Getting Married - Mic

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This is the greatest! I love the way she wrote this! 7 REAL Reasons You Need To Have Sex With Your Husband Everyday Marriage Advice| Marriage advice for women| marriage advice troubled| marriage advice christian | marriage advice quotes

New research on sex in relationships shows the real reason it can benefit yours.

This isn’t the depressing shit that basic emo teens say to get attention. This is real. When you think about it, all life- humans, flys, daisies, bacteria- exists on earth for one single reason: to procreate and breed to keep their species alive so they can prevail and continue to live. Thus, happiness, compassion, wisdom, and every other blind person’s definition of the meaning of life is utterly improbable and delusional. Life is sex. Life is beautiful.

Here's the real reason sex makes you so happy Research Digest Christian Jarrett, Research Digest 17h 23,252 facebook linkedin twitter email print love couple kissing sex rain nyc t.germeau / Flickr (CC BY 2.0) An impressive amount of research has linked frequency of sex with greater happiness. One study even put a monetary estimate on it. They said that the happiness spurt from having sex once a week compared with monthly is similar to the boost you’d get f...

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Article on what teachers ask from parents, and why many teachers leave the profession--because of parents. Another reason we home school. #education

I didn’t believe in fate, but my skepticism alone didn’t mean it ceased to exist. Maybe I just hadn’t experienced it yet. Juliette Kopp