Tesla is revealing a semi-truck this month that it won't deliver for years here's why (TSLA)

Tesla is set to take the lid off its electric truck tomorrow for the first time, after months of teasing the big rig. CEO Elon Musk is still doing some..

Tesla Big Rig Unveiling — What to Expect – Steven Roche – Medium

Tesla unveils electric big-rig truck in midst of Model 3 factory hell

(Reuters) — Tesla upstaged its own debut of an electric heavy duty truck on Thursday when a red Roadster pulled out of the big rig’s trailer and Chief Executive Elon Musk said the new $…

World’s largest retailer cautiously optimistic about Tesla’s electric big rig

Tesla unveils electric big-rig truck, record-fast Roadster - Technology & Science

Tesla unveils electric big-rig truck tonight

The Tesla big-rig gets rid of something truckers have done forever (TSLA)

Tesla Tesla revealed its big-rig on Thursday night. The all-electric Tesla Semi eliminates the conventional clutch and gears of traditional big-rigs. The Tesla Semi should also have far better brake life than traditional rigs. HAWTHORNE, Ca
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Will Teslas big-rig reveal transform the trucking industry?

Tesla's Model 3 volume production target pushed back again

An anecdote about Elon Musk and Tesla's big-rig reveals why people are obsessed with his company (TSLA)

Tesla has been trying to convince the trucking community that it can build an affordable electric big rig with the range and cargo capacity to compete with relatively low-cost, time-tested diesel trucks

Tesla’s latest creation: An electric big rig that can travel 500 miles on a single charge -- The big rig is Tesla's latest attempt to change the transportation industry.

A mysterious photo of a truck has sparked speculation that it could be Tesla's big-rig (TSLA)

Elon Musk lifts the veil Thursday on an electric truck aimed at killing the diesel engine.

This turbine-powered electric big rig looks completely awesome, but it doesn’t exist yet. A Utah-based maker of electric vehicles by the name of Nikola Motor Company (can't call it "Nikola Tesla Motor Company" for obvious reasons) just announced its first two products...

Tesla is about to reveal its first electric big-rig — here's what to look for (TSLA)

Tesla Tesla's big rig will likely redefine the large tractor-trailer for the future. Expect a futuristic prototype, complete with a spaceship-like cab and a huge battery. Ironically, the freight business might be a better fit for Tesla's technol
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UPS orders 125 Tesla big-rig electric trucks

Designed to be safer, cheaper to operate, and more comfortable than existing big-rigs, the Tesla Semi Truck aims to dramatically improve freight delivery. Its battery pack, situated underneath the cab, provides up to 500 miles per charge, and performance beyond...

Learn about Elon Musk gives us a glimpse of Tesla's electric semi truck on - Specialised Service Consultants.

PepsiCo orders 100 Tesla Semis, the largest public pre-order of the big-rig trucks - The Globe and Mail

Tesla unveils all-electric, semi-autonomous big rig. Is it really coming to this? Lord help us!

UPS adds itself to the list of companies eager to experiment with the Tesla Semi big-rig truck.

This trucker thinks Teslas electric big-rig is a pipe dream