Tesla is getting dangerously distracted (TSLA)

AP Photo/Noah BergerThe risk of overconfidence for Tesla is now at its highest point since the company was founded. The business news cycle for weeks has been dominated by the carmaker's surging market cap, which at about $48 billion has passed both
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A Chinese car startup trying to take on Tesla just unveiled a stunning electric SUV (TSLA)

Electric car startup Nio just made a huge move to challenge Tesla in China, which is rapidly becoming the most important market for companies pursuing battery-powered vehicles. Nio unveiled its electric SUV, the Nio ES8, at the Shanghai motor show
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Elon Musk just announced when Tesla will unveil the final design of the Model 3 (TSLA)

YouTube/Motor TrendTesla will unveil the production version of the Model 3 in July, CEO Elon Musk said via Twitter on Thursday.  Musk first revealed a concept of the Model 3, which will be Tesla's first mass-market car, in March 2016. However, i
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Portarrollos (a mano). Tela de algodón puro. Aplicaciones de corazones de tela en la parte delantera del soporte de papel higiénico y corazones llenan de algodón. Algodón arco madera pequeño parado por un botón. El Portarrollos se pueden también hacer en otros colores.

DIY step-by-step tutorial:

Serán el regalo para las profes de mis hijos este año, con una tela lisa hago la bolsa, y el detalle del bolsillo y las asas con una tela vichy de Ikea. Sencillo pero resultón, no? el pajarito lo he estampado con uno de mis sellos y tinta para tela. Ahora tengo que hacer otras dos.

DIY Hammock Type Baby Swing #diy #forbaby

Butterflies made of felt. patterns | Skilful hands

Handmade elegant cross stitch necklace with detailed rose pattern. I can adjust the length of the chain if you like. Let me know if you have any question

Мой стиль - БОХО! Шьём, вяжем, вышиваем, творим.Шитьё+Вязание

Kadın Etnik Şeritli Dev Siyah Ponponlu Clutch

Audi just revealed a stunning all-electric SUV that's primed to take on Tesla (TSLA)

AudiAudi is pushing ahead in the electric car space.  The automaker revealed its new e-tron Sportback concept at the annual Shanghai motor show, formally known as Auto Shanghai 2017, on Tuesday. The all-electric crossover will have the same pow
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ELON MUSK: Tesla will unveil 2 electric trucks (TSLA)

REUTERS/Beck DiefenbachTesla is diving into the trucking industry. Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday said the company would unveil a semitruck in September and a pickup truck in 18 to 24 months. "Tesla Semi truck unveil set for September," Musk wrote o
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Tesla owners have filed a class-action lawsuit alleging Autopilot 2 is 'demonstrably dangerous' (TSLA)

TeslaLaw firm Hagens Berman has filed a class-action lawsuit alleging Tesla misled consumers about the self-driving capabilities of Autopilot 2. The class-action suit, filed in California's Northern district court on Wednesday, alleges the new
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Sew your own unique and eco-friendly shopping bags! Sewing Tutorial

Apparently fish drawstring bags is a thing now, and I like it :) This item was f/s on Etsy so link goes to an expired listing, but she has more drawstring eye candy in her store @ :) Inspiration only!

• Pequeño neceser para llevar en el bolso • Tela 100% algodón • Estampada a mano • Medidas aproximadas: 19 x 12 cm

Ideas para el hogar: Con tela de jean ideas para bolsos

вышивка лентами


Cat Night-time face mask.

Carolyn Shores Wright

DIY Fabric Heart Pendant

Tesla has settled a lawsuit against its former Autopilot director (TSLA)

Scott Olson/Getty ImagesTesla is no longer suing its former Autopilot director Sterling Anderson over claims he poached employees for a new self-driving-car venture. Tesla filed a lawsuit in January claiming Anderson teamed up with Chris Urmson
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The Tesla big-rig gets rid of something truckers have done forever (TSLA)

Tesla Tesla revealed its big-rig on Thursday night. The all-electric Tesla Semi eliminates the conventional clutch and gears of traditional big-rigs. The Tesla Semi should also have far better brake life than traditional rigs. HAWTHORNE, Ca
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Tesla spikes after Elon Musk tweets a semi-truck is coming (TSLA)

Shares of Tesla are spiking on Thursday afternoon, up 2% at $302.81, following a tweet from CEO Elon Musk announcing the release of a semi-truck from the company.  "Tesla Semi truck unveil set for September. Team has done an amazing job. Se
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Pattern Secret Pouch

#rosaoazul #diy #bebe TUTORIAL CUBRE PAÑAL TELA

Sitio dedicado a recopilar imágenes de diversos estilos de muñecos confeccionados en tela. También se incluyen algunos patrones gratuitos.

DIY con tela de saco. Visto en

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