Fellow Americans: Emergently Needed ~~Skilled Objective Critical Thinkers with Engaged Discernment

So this is your future First Lady. Who will pay for her body lifts? Melanie Trump Vs Michelle Obama. Melania Trump’s speech on the first night of the Republican National Convention should be held accountable after portions mirrored remarks First Lady Michelle Obama delivered in 2008.

Nazi Trump Is Picking up Serious Traction on Twitter

Don the $Con$ tRump "Christian" values. Y'all have lost all self respect!

Please find him and bring him back ASAP.

Listen to Bernie Sanders. Look at how the republicans are handing everything we've worked for over to the corporations as fast as they can!

Trump Lies!!!

I Know That's Right!! oh, & by the way, trump LOST the popular vote! hope he chokes on that!

The biggest poser and delusional crybaby we've ever seen is competing to be our fearless leader! An his competition has more faults than that.

(*) Twitter

I don't like to bash republicans since my family is fairly republican but this is interesting in terms of the facts of it.

Please wake up and acknowledge that you made a mistake!

BLOTUS! The Trumptard!