Trump - uniquely UNqualified

Never forget the quality of person the GOP has given us.

I don't know how she or any woman can bring themselves to sleep with this slob

sounds familiar

And the only reason she's able to do it, is because the black first lady and her husband plagiarized with impunity earlier.

Clearly, being able to SPEAK & THINK is not an ASSet Donald looks for in women.

23 Ridiculously Offensive Donald Trump Quotes

Donald Trump y el arte de salirse con la suya

That includes unborn babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To educate a person in mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society- Teddy Roosevelt

I'm sure his answer is on Twitter

...c'mon Trumpets... nothing to say?

Rich RepukkkeFascist Moochers Fleecing Working Taxpayers!!!

And he can't look you in the eye Obama, because on every level, he knows that you are his better. That drives his hate more than anything.

idiot in chief

And half of you fucked it up BIGLY.