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It's a financial showdown! Who preaches better finance for YOU?

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A financial planner shares her personal system for managing money. ~

Free Printable Debt Snowball Worksheet- Perhaps the best way to pay down your debt is with the debt snowball method! Use my free printable debt snowball worksheet to get started! | paying down debt, debt free, debt repayment, budgeting, frugal living

diy….home management binder based on dave ramsey’s spending categories. Pin now read later…I’m sure it will be useful!

I love this! It was so frustrating hearing "Why don't you just do a 401k?!?" Well, for staters I'm not actually old enough and I would be missing out on saving PLUS its better to have some different investment options. So kiss my ass, I'm going to be a millionaire

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Personal Finance Laminated Reference Guide

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Worksheet to Keep Track of Paid Monthly Bills

These 10 amazing graphs that will save you money are THE BEST! I've tried the third one and I'm already saving TONS OF MONEY! This is such a great and HELPFUL post! I'm definitely saving for later!

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Maybe this coming year??

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Dave Ramsey free budgeting forms- Tony and I used this to plan our monthly budget and are debt free except for our house!