I am a women but in most things I am a men, the only thing I'm women in is the social media thingie

If The World Were 100 People [infographic] would be a great poster for a math room.


You're going to want to jot these codes down!

What do your sleeping positions say about your relationship?

The technology used in

47 Funny Memes To Keep You Going

A True Welcome To The Lord

Average face from women from different countries


We've rounded up yet another batch of weird gadgets and accessories.

Or maybe what I wear shouldn't matter because I'm allowed o put on my body what I want and I'm not your wife so you don't gotta worry about that and you're not a baby so my boobs aren't giving you any sort of nutrients. If you want us to stop saying men are uncontrollable dogs, stop acting like it and portraying it that way. I'm only posting this bs in quotes cuz it doesn't fit in any of my other boards.

There once was a humble toothbrush, quite perfect at cleaning! But there was a…

Theyre all funny, but at first the US one was the one that really made me chuckle. Then i got to Austria and fact checked it and now im rolling.

oh. my. gosh! I feel SO sorry for this guy, but at the same time, I can't stop laughing! hahahaha!!!!

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