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Bulletin board hacks to save your sanity. Lots of time saving, money saving, and energy saving ideas for teachers!

Feeling stressed out and unorganized? I understand! Being a special education teacher is a wonderful experience that, unfortunately, includes tons paperwork that can sometimes become overwhelming. Not anymore! This special education binder is your key to tidying up your daily caseload and focusing more on your students, rather than the paperwork.

Teach the World: A First Year Teacher's Guide to a Rockin' Portfolio

A TEACHER'S GUIDE TO A ROCKIN PORTFOLIO *MODERN EDITION*This teaching portfolio was designed with teachers in mind, especially those first year teachers, to help them rock their interview and achieve their first job as a teacher! Whether you are a first year teacher, or a veteran teacher, set yourself apart with this rockin' portfolio template!This is the 2nd edition of the Rockin Teacher Portfolio.

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Including one or two teacher or administrator philosophy statements in your education portfolio will dramatically increase interviews. It is an excellent opportunity to let your personality, passion, values, and motivators shine through, which means you are marketing the authentic YOU.

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How to Make a Teacher Portfolio That Gets You the Job!

There are some of the top teaching interview questions and sample responses to prepare for your teacher job interview. Also questions to ask the interviewer.

Back Hall Collaborators: Professional Teaching Portfolio: Intro and Educational Philosophy

Sample teacher interview thank you letter to make a good impression after your teaching job interview. Stand out as the right job candidate.

Tips for teacher cover letters. More

Teaching Portfolio, great examples!

Tips on creating teaching portfolios - what to include and the importance of a teacher portfolio. A solid teaching portfolio contains a variety of different pieces of evidence which demonstrate your ability as a teacher and passion for education.

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