Disagree with the Sahara to farmland idea. North and South America depend on dust from the Sahara. But, if memory serves, we have enough food do feed everyone but farmers and grocers dump tons of food

If the world were 100 people: Quite an interesting infographic.

SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE!! Because this is completely true^^^^^^ I'm 12 years old and I live in Sonoma County CA. My parents are divorced and both struggling to keep a house, sometimes I work too just to help out. this is so important to have people see, sorry if it isn't what I usually post.

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What a fucking gross mindset to think someone deserves something like that to happen to them based off some pieces of cloth

Fighting for a livable wage shouldn't even have to be a thing! Then again, fighting for respect and equity shouldn't have to be a thing either... Ah this world sucks.


Check out this interactive map to see how states voted in elections since 1964 (from the U.S. Electoral College)

What did John Wayne say about liberalism in 1975 that has even greater significance today? – Glenn Beck

They didn't just want to keep slaves, but that was a key issue. They were hardcore States rights and didn't want Washington telling them what to do. Like taxes and federal laws. Slavery was the turning wheel of their economy. When it collapsed, so did their economy. That's why the 1.6 percent of people that were slaveowners were able to convince the entire south to fight with them to keep slavery. They said the Yankees were going to ruin their way of life so they went to war.

Donald Trump defines ultimate white male privilege by his behavior.

A blog post on the matter which received 8,000 notes. (from tumblr)

I need feminism because... Part 1

Life must be sustainable and viable outside the womb...or it has no quality of life.

In using this example, it also very well demonstrates the childlike arguments made by "Men's Rights" activism or the "Meninists".

The reason a fetus still has more rights in America is because that fetus still has a chance of being born a male. I personally don't think I could abort, but I will damn sure not let a man or a patriarchal society tell me I can't.

This whole blaming the victims thing is complete and utter bullshit! Rapists are among the scum of the Earth, and I personally think they should all be eradicated.

think about it

in South Yorkshire in which over the course of a decade and a half 1,400 girls (as young as 11) were "groomed", drugged, raped, traded and, occasionally, doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight. All the while, "child protection" agencies, looked the other way - for fear of appearing "racist" or "Islamophobic". The BBC describes the predators' actions as "brazen", which it certainly was. They would turn up at children's homes, select the ones they wanted, and drive off with them: