In 1860 - the year of the Civil War - no Republican owned a slave. Zero. All the slaves in the United States were owned by Democrats.

George Washington didn't seek fame... He sought to honor God and serve others and GOD lifted him up. He was a general in the army who's leadership skills and wisdom perfectly equipped him to rise to the occasion of being our nations first President. - President George Washington

Some people need to get over themselves. More

Oh, my beloved USA What have we done? ??REMEMBER THIS?? "I will support & defend the constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign & domestic.... so help me God" Where are the patriots who will defend our country from this hostile takeover, both foreign & domestic?

Life, ultimately, can be as simple as that.



Amen! or any hungry, or poor, not just homeless. There is NO excuse for any Americans to be suffereing. America 1st. cut off ALL foreign aid. All of it, including the $Billions in goods and arms given everyyear. Americans 1st

Yes, we are in decline. Look around you, it's a nightmare out there. Thanks, baby boomers, for screwing everything up.

I experience this with alt right conservatives all the time. It's unbelievable how willfully ignorant they are. No matter how many facts I present, these self professed christians curse, threaten and spiral out of control. Smh!

I think that the biggest problem in our country right now(socially, religiously, and politically)is that people lack empathy. They lack the ability to look at things from someone else's point of view.

Henry Ford {Repinned by a Cherokee, ME}

I know they're trying to say " Black live matter TOO" but seriously, IT'S TIME TO STOP

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Systematic dumbing down of America. So blindingly obvious.

I thought he was supposed to be post-racial?

must teach the world how to GET THEIR HANDS DIRTY again! (hard work)

Yes,makes sense! Love her Stacy Dash!

Thank you, Bobby for your sacrifice + service! Abba Yahuah + Yahshua forever Baruch you + yours!!! (Your Heavenly Father and His Son Eternally Bless you!!)

Neighbor asked him to take his flag down ...said it was offensive.....guess he didnt count on this

trump Lies Everyday All Day.