Media Deception....seems like their is a huge crowd behind him when u see him on tv but in reality he is on a empty sidewalk :/

I've never been a Howard Stern fan, but if this is true, maybe he's growing up and getting wiser?

Hey Race Baiter! People can be good or bad-people of any color, creed, race, gender and mind-so stop the bullshit. They are trying to turn all people against another group of people: Divide and conquer Don't let them. We are all One.

Kennedy was also threatening to end U.S. involvement in Viet Nam, crack down on organized crime and shut down the C.I.A.

NWO plans - dated june 2009

Time to use critical thinking skills

You should be ashamed. You're no longer a journalist or good Anchorman. Just sheep cow cowing the political Powers. Douchebags!!!

I adore this organization! They are truly a blessing for so many families. They grant dreams to adults suffering from life-limiting illnesses. If you are looking for a charity you can connect with and donate to please contact them. Please visit their website to learn more about this organization and how to donate to a dream.

Blue Avocado, one of the better and most accessible blogs out there. Not exclusively governance-focused, but virtually all posts have some strong value for boards.

Presidential Election ~ The Bilderberg - Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, Jacob Rothschild, & David Rockefeller (google = Bilderberg)

Please, don't tell a paranoid schizophrenic this. I am serious. It's obvious, but some people don't need to hear this.

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Which side are you? The open-minded thinkers, or the ignorant, close-minded "normal" people?

1,21 Guns. Lay down your arms give up the fight.

It's called COMMON CORE! The deliberate dumbing down of America. "Teach your kids to question everything." ~#YourUncensoredTruth

Colonial bullshit

Goverment grants looking for new (Women) farmers across America