De Cicret armband projecteert de interface van je gsm of tablet op je arm (of andere lichaamsdeel). Zo kan je mailen in bad, een routeplan zoeken op je fiets of bellen (zonder je telefoon vast te pakken).

Possible new technology for airlines? Technology #FixMyComputerOnSite

Lenovo has seen the future of phones and smartwatches, and this is it-I love… d'autres gadgets ici :


Awesome Inventions

Digital highlighter! Text goes directly to your computer! // dude. Where was this when I was in college?

I need this for reasons...

The 'Aeon Telescope Kindler' brings a new definition to the phrase ‘aim for the stars’, this tiny yet powerful telescope is ideal for the amateur stargazer, making astronomy truly accessible to the masses... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

Adaptive Tech

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Best Latest Technology: The color rings is way in cell phone communication

Shut up and take my Money (8) - Win Bild | Webfail - Fail Bilder und Fail Videos

Well my personal gaming experience is about to jump to a whole new level! Click through to see a demonstration! The KeyMouse™ is a keyboard and a mouse. It allows users to operate the mouse without moving their hands out of typing position. No more moving your hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse. It’s designed for efficiency, comfort, and ergonomics.

For those who love night rides: bike light that let you know what the ground is like in the dark.

DoCoMo超具未來感的《透明觸控手機》 首度亮相!

Keyring Splitter - Always be ready to share your music. #affiliate

This is a genius invention for prevention of the effect of pollution on our lungs. This seems like such a great thing but where will this go to die? #ewastepollution #ewastepollutiontostoppollution:

Top Ten High-Tech Camping Gear That Will Blow Your Mind

New apple concept? #iWatch