Dance memes- this was me in high school, except it was Doritos, Diet Coke and mashed potatoes after hours of dancing!!

Hopefully you can time the moment just right so when someone reads that shirt you give the "that's right" head nod.

"So when do you start soccer again?" "Umm.......... I play all year round...."

Me every time we play soccer<

Every. Single. Time.

#So me!!

Or like when i was in the UAE doing sports for my skl and these refs were the absolute worst not even calling about 5/6handballs

Just about ready to start up those times again, I love it :)

Adidas Reveals The Brazuca, A World Cup Soccer Ball Two And A Half Years In The Making | Fast Company | business + innovation

Lacrosse every time

Mia Hamm

I love soccer so much, it has filled so much joy in my life and lead me to met many new people. Even though Im not playing this year I will always remember my teammates and the fun we had :) - Love to bet on sports? Start here !!!

I need to show this to the boys at school who say bball is more running then soccer

Live love soccer❤️⚽️

Playing soccer in the rain just for fun with your friends is the best

Sorry mom... < for real tho!!! I do this all the time and my mom yells at me. Tbh it's kinda funny but I don't do it anymore cuz she doesn't like it

My only goal is to stop yours. Oh yeah! Soccer #DEFENSE


Haha this is me all the time

Carli Lloyd 2 Time Gold Medalist Soccer Photo by ArleyArtEmporium

The competitive season anyway

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Famous Motivational Quotes About Football

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