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true power

Brown, socialist, rebel, nonviolent. Jesus. Some surely would not accept him. Namely, the powerful.

honestly, this is an insult to the animals listed... but the point still stands

George Carlin Quotes: Power of stupid

Veterans Day!

Yay government

GOP doesn't care about the deficit. They care about exploiting the deficit to further their agenda of dismantling the social safety nets that benefit so many working Americans.

Feel a little odd saying the F word in the same sentence as the G word...but hey, gets the point across

DEBRA GIFFORD (@lovemyyorkie14) | Twitter #NeverHillary #VOTETRUMP2016

Wow....just WOW....THE LAWS OF PHYSICS The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Albert Einstein.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

#Votetrump #NeverHillary

George Carlin - "Don't just teach your children to read...teach them to question what they read, teach them to question everything."

War is the enemy, it´s based on ambithion, a root of many things that can become our enemies ...

Quote by Douglas McArthur- American General, Purple Heart awarded, Medal of Honor recipient and more.