Fill up a 2 Liter Bottle With Dimes - Money Saving Challenge

A good credit score is essential to getting your home loan approved but how do you increase your score? This infographic shows 7 #tips to increasing a #creditscore.


The new revised 52 Week Challenge!

Save money with the help of this 52-week Savings Challenge!

I need to do this! It will help me stay in my budget as I try to live frugrally. How to Set Up a Monthly Meal Plan. Find out how to save tons on our groceries by using a monthly meal plan! (And it’s MUCH easier than you think.)

Debt Free Savings Printable - 12 Weeks Until Christmas! Christmas Savings Plan. More

Maybe in reverse since I'll have the most money available in January

Ill be doing this for sure! It would be nice to have some money in the pocket after christmas!

52-Week / $1,000 Savings Plan - Build your emergency fund with this easy challenge of just $20 a week! Free Printable Tracker for your savings challenge.

52 week money challenge biweekly

12 Week Money Challenge

Weekly Savings Plan that gets easier and easier - boost your savings account by $2700 this year!

Aggressive Savings Plan: $5000 in a year