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Soccer Injury Prevention and Treatment: A Guide to Optimal Performance for Players, Parents, and Coaches

Hope Solo meme

except my my coach jumps ten times higher and yells ten times louder

⚽️Soccer its like the ref is blind guess he's jelous of my awesomeness

Dissed by Alex Morgan (Soccer players love to quote mean girls)

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Soccer girls love that

and the words that are bouncing around in your head if he has to talk to you or if he gives you a look

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Sorry guys but new cleats might be in the opponents future. :/ oh! Those last two!

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the end

But when you also run cross country your like: "no practice? Five mile run today! Take it easy."

I love Jennifer Lawrence/ oscars/ softball funny and this is exactly how I fell so relatable

Adidas pants are like a "trend" thing at my school and it's annoying cuz most of the ppl that wear them don't even play soccer

I can't stop watching this… if this doesn't impress you, you have issues