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Neat gift idea!! The Tabletop Fireplace - Hammacher Schlemmer

Best Latest Technology: The color rings is way in cell phone communication

Top 5 Best Wireless Floating Speakers in 2016 Reviews

Samsung’s foldable smartphone is set to be released in January Next Year Portable solar panels are becoming more popular because they are getting cheaper and people like to keep their devices charged even when they go off the grid.

The Samsung Flexible Roll applies future #flex tech to create the most portable tablet laptop. Simply amazing//

Cool. Where do you get it?

These totally appeal to the nerd in me. I love the stuffed microorganisms! We have some at work and they're so cute...for deadly bacteria :)

Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets That Are Borderline Genius

The Waterscape Aquarium Exhibit held at the Misawa Design Institute features a series of small architectural and artsy fish tanks designed by Hakura Misawa.

These webbed finger swimming fins slip over your fingers and essentially give you webbed fingers so you can swim a whole lot faster and easier. Perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, competiti...

Cosmos star projector lamp

This Box Shows Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast On Your Table With REAL Rain And Clouds

Tempo Ball Weather Forecasting Storm Glass changes from clear to cloudy to crystal flakes, predicts whether the weather will be clear, cloudy or rainy:)#gadgets#Christmas


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Функциональный будильник с термометром, календарем и специальной площадкой для напоминаний.

EGO-SE 450 "Penguin", a Personal Semi-Submarine Boat