This is pretty cool. enjoy the view above and below the water! SPD-Smartglass gives you your view back.  EGO-SE 450 Peng...

AirSelfie is Here! Take your #airselfie anywhere and everywhere you go! Its the size of a phone and fits in your pocket with your iphone or with Samsung edge 7 INTRODUCING AIRSELFIE

Lily is a compact drone camera that flies automatically and follows you around - GSMArena Blog

#EROVR is the uber-versatile folding cart-wagon system that’s capable of…

Creative umbrella design.

100 Weird Pen Drives To Have

Now you can have the luxury of a big screen movie in the palm of your hand! With a portable HD projector for your iPhone you can use your phone to project movies on screens up to 60 inches! The sky is limit; just plug and play your movies on any blank wall. Hang a bed sheet outside and turn your backyard into a theater this summer, making memories for your kids that will last a lifetime!

Lily is a compact drone camera that flies automatically and follows you around - GSMArena Blog

10 Excellent Holiday Tech Gifts for Men Mae: I kind of want it, does that make me a man? Does that mean I've regained the manliness I lost?

Portable Mini HD DLP Projector

Best Latest Technology: The color rings is way in cell phone communication

Sony Smartphone Attachable Compact Lens - Taking the camera phone to the next level.

These things re so amazing!!!

Canadian man invents 'Sit & Stand' crutches | CTV News

Your iPhone is as good as a DSLR, and in time it may just overtake it, so why don’t you just use your iPhone as a serious videographing tool? The IOgrapher is probably the best piece of gear to begin with. Designed to work as a stability rig packed with tonnes of features, the IOgrapher allows you to slide your phone in and operate it as you would operate a gimbal, with two handles on the side. BUY NOW!

Tempescope weather forecast | design | tech | minimalist design | sleek tech

No kidding! Its either this or Jarvis from Iron man. I think this is as close as im going to get

'Podo' ensures that your selfies will be absolutely hands free, so you can take pictures from meters away instead of the regular arm-length, it is a camera that comes with a repositionable adhesive pad... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

Withings Thermo is a hygienic, easy-to-use, temporal thermometer featuring 16 infrared sensors that take 4,000 measurements in just 2 seconds to provide a highly accurate result.