Scientific Method Board Game contains 60 game cards and a game board to help students practice key vocabulary and concepts related to the scientific method. This scientific method game works great as a pair/group activity, or for use in science centers.

This is a fun lab that uses all the steps of the scientific method. The students use a gummy bear and follow the steps of the scientific method an...

iLearn Science: awesome back to school tool for teaching student about the scientific method

Scientific Method PBL for 4th, 5th, and 6th! This project-based learning activity is perfect for teachers that want to teach about the scientific method in a way that is authentic and scaffolded for student success! Your students will learn about and apply writing skills, collaboration, and more during this PBL. It includes text about the scientific method, teacher directions, and student pages to walk your students through their choice of science experiment using the scientific method.

Scientific Method has never been more fun to teach! Your students will love these interactive notebook activities and simple experiments!

Teach the scientific method to your students through these ideas and science experiments! Check this out to learn more about how you can make the scientific method engaging!

Over the years I have realized that although my students LOVE taking part in science experiments, they struggle to complete each of the steps involved in the scientific method and dont understand its importance. As a result, whenever the time came to conduct experiments and record their findings and conclusions, much of their work had errors, was vague, or lacked a sense of greater understanding.

Scientific Method Inquiry Lab with Bubble Gum Worksheet

These labs with Skittles are a fun way to have students learn about the scientific method.This product contains the following Labs:1. Skittle Colors Lab:A. Question: Which color skittle is most common in a package of skittles?B.

Scientific Method! Scientific Method! Scientific Method! Scientific Method! Scientific Method Accordion Booklet: This scientific method booklet is a fun hands on activity for students to use in their interactive notebooks. This booklet can be used in the following ways:1.

Start your year in science off right with these scientific method activities! Read all about them here!

Scientific Method While it's summer break it's never too early to start thinking about preparing for back to school! I like to relax over summer but I also like to start thinking about what I'm going to do differently the next school year and preparing at a slower pace. One thing that is always on my list each year is science. How can I include more science? It just seems that science always ends up taking a back burner to my core subjects. The best way is to try to implement science right away

Check out how to teach students the "Scientific Method" using this simple yet effective experiment with paper airplanes.

7 ideas for teaching the scientific method to your students: an experiment, task cards, video clip, games, and a free printable

Do you want to have some fun teaching scientific method? Visit for ideas, activities, links, and freebies. Your third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade students will love the simple experiments, videos, and cute posters!

Read about a more meaningful way to teach your middle school students the scientific method

Use this Scientific Method Flip Book FREEBIE to guide your students with ANY experiment!

Freebie: Scientific Method Foldable for ANY experiment

Here's a simple experiment to lead students through the steps in one approach to a scientific method.

The Scientific Method: A Book-tivity from Shelley Gray on (14 pages) - This book-tivity is a fun alternative to traditional worksheets or graphic organizers for the scientific method. Students will use the templates provided to create an engaging, eye-catching book-tivity that outlines their investigation/experiment using th

I can use this song to introduce the scientific method to my students. We can listen to it each day to get the class started. AS

$ A super BACK TO SCHOOL buy!!! (grades 4-8) Direction, back ground information and student lab sheets for 3 labs!!! A great introduction to the scientific method, these labs can also stand alone. Cheap, easy and fun!!!

The Scientific Method! Win my Buzzzzing with Science Product and download some freebies!

Part of my SCIENTIFIC METHOD Activity Pack, this BINGO game has great student notes!

A science mentor text that teaches more than just science