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That's true!!!

The 'Pearl Diver' is a compact second-stage, scuba regulator that incorporates a streamlined aesthetic, it was designed to be more hydrodynamic, allowing easy movement through the water when scuba diving... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

Lifepack: Solar Powered & Anti-Theft Backpack by Solgaard Design — Kickstarter /

Aperture Wrench

Telling the time is something you should do in style. These watches aren't just stylish; But from the movie Tron And Tron is a fucking amazing film #needawatch

From surprisingly sophisticated and inexpensive spy tech freely available to the public to complex CIA gadgets, these 12 devices will have you feeling paranoid.

Pinterest DIY Tech Projects!: This is pretty cool. enjoy the view above and belo...

New Graphene Technology May Pave Way For 3D Holographic Display You See In 'Star Wars' : FUTURE TECH : Tech Times

Solo Lets You Access Your Home Computer Anywhere with Hologram Technology - TechEBlog

Cool Gifts & Gadgets for the Tech Lover on Your Christmas List - The Laser Virtual Keyboard

For those who love night rides: bike light that let you know what the ground is like in the dark.

Science is amazing these days

Don't you ever get hungry when driving home from work? you expect to have dinner made, but you find out it wasn't made yet!! But in our Smart home, there is a connector that connects with your device or your car, and asks you what you want for dinner when you are about to leave work!!! You don't have to make your own dinner anymore!!!

Transparent iPad Concept - So cool.

Trigger Metal Bumper Case for iPhone 5 |

Cada día se dan a conocer nuevos inventos que todas las personas quisiéramos tener, pero lamentablemente no todos tenemos la cantidad de dinero para poder comprarlo sin quedarnos en la pobreza para toda la vida. Hoy te mostraremos algunos que encontramos en diferentes sitios. Y no, no pondré el costo, ni el link para comprarlos. […]

Gita Is an Autonomous Cargo Robot That Will Follow You Around - 9GAG

Learn how to make a hologram with your smartphone. Use this hologram projector tutorial and YouTube videos for amazing result.

British YouTuber and independent tech reviewer Mrwhosetheboss has uploaded an instructional video on how to turn any old smartphone into a 3D hologram projector – using nothing more complicated than a sharp knife, a ruler, a pen and paper, an old CD case and four squares of sticky tape.