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Lesson 2, brought to you by Build Brand BOOKED! Missed Day 1? Read it here Now.    Ever saw a coaching program and thought to yourself - I have to get in on this! This is absolutely perfect?   What if you could get your dream clients to say the same thing? As soon as they heard what you were offering they knew beyond a doubt that they had to work with you? They had to get their claws into that juicy juicy offer?   Wait no longer, let’s walk through the steps to creating a heck yea...

For those days that I'm tired and feeling my superiority in the great art of napping showing through get better sleep, sleeping tips get better sleep, sleeping tips

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Building habits can be hard and when they involve your finances ever harder. Let me help by telling which seven money habits to start in your twenties and why! Click through to read about budgets, savings, and what it means to invest!

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Making your way to your 30s without a clue as to where your career is heading? Check out these article to spruce up your personal brand and optimize yourself. After all - only you can control where your life goes from here.

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps: Kelly Williams Brown: 9781455516902: Books

How to be rich in your 20s. Managing your finances can be a little overwhelming, especially when you’re young. However, the sooner your start making a financial plan for yourself, the more time you have to create a bright future. The smart money habits you make now can contribute to your long-term success. Find out how to be rich in your twenties!

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7 Habits of Highly Productive Women As a Social Media and Brand Partnerships Manager it is important that I stay organized, which is something I always worry about when it comes to my planning systems. Read more:

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