Wow ! I've read an article where we can use our skin as a touchscreen for our smartphone. There is no need to use the device. We can just wear the device to our skin talk and text accordingly without any trouble or any itching sensation to the skin. Some doctors are saying that it might cause cancer but thorough investigation was performed in the lab and decided it is not a cancer causing agent. The article did not mention about the audio. That might become a intelligent question.

Air Umbrella… OMG this is awesome! But is this even real????? What happens if it runs out of power during a downpour???

Lenovo has seen the future of phones and smartwatches, and this is it-I love… d'autres gadgets ici :

Una soluzione rapida ed efficace per ingrandire lo schermo dell'iPhone.

Plasma nightlight

Music Branches Headphone Splitter - Urban Outfitters

Travel Smart Mini Iron: True Mini! #Travel_Iron

Satechi Aluminum USB-C Hub Pro with HDMI, Thunderbolt and More Ports for MacBook Pro

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Future Desktop? Tablet concept by Wunderman Design #ZooSeo

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet, this is all you wanted to know about how a diamond is set in jewelry. From prong settings, channel-set, pave, bezel, tension, twist and bar-set, find the perfect engagement ring and bridal jewelry using your favorite diamond setting technique. These setting types also apply for gemstones.

Laptop dos sonhos

Work isn't ~quite~ so bad when you're surrounded by really cool office supplies.

The HDMI Pocket Projector is great little device that allows you to carry a 60 inch display for your smartphone or tablet in your (fairly large) pocket.

|iOptik-contact lenses augment vision, allowing for a 3-d immersive virtual reality for the wearer|

The Monogrammed Tabletop Fireplace - Hammacher Schlemmer

What the Elbow Cassette Player does is innovative, geeky, kitschy, revivalist, and incredibly cool… all together! This small device opens up, swivels, and snaps onto a cassette tape (almost like it was meant to be how cassettes were to be played!). While it grabs the cassette’s spools in its elbow arms, the hinge sits against the exposed magnetic tape. A knob on the device allows you to control playback. The entire set-up is literally small enough to feel like you’re holding an iPod Classic.

tree solar charger

Top 20 Cool Decorating Ideas with Live Edge Wood

Hand-Held Scanner Lets You Copy + Paste Nearly Anywhere |