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I had a really short girl on my team who would some how always ended up guarding the tallest girl... and she was really good at it!

Me 100%

GameDay Boston Funny Photo of the Day: In honor of the NBA Playoffs and Lebron James' first championship.


For you competitive people: )

Haha @Patsy Cadwell Cadwell @Elizabeth Lockhart Lockhart Bekken @Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Brooks @Alaina Marie Marie Pettit

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We all like the cleats and the soccer ball side better though!

I must go - my planet needs me! #Suns #NBA #Basketball

Always ran my hardest and finished first but hated when we had to do it again bc of this

Says every player:)

Funny thing is that this scene actually does frequently come to mind when I can't find my uniform. lol

Ok, what ever mine is waterproof so nobody can't say a darn thing too me...i don't wear alot and don't sweat enough either & I don't smear or wipe it on everything...soo whatever!

So true! I'm already starting to get this

Soccer is life.

and thats why I dont take time to work on my hair, makeup, or how I look when Im playing