Music is a huge part of any wedding. The playlist really makes or breaks the party! If you're feeling the old-school vibe for your big day, check out the classic love songs we've chosen ahead.

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We have put together a playlist so that your guy can provide you with your own personal striptease.

lista de canciones para caminar y correr!

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2016 Love Songs you won't get tired of:

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Nope I didn't freak out that R5 was on here......One of the best songs tooooo❤️

Trust us, we know that air travel can be a pretty daunting undertaking. So we put together a list of the best songs to leave you feeling secure in knowing that you'll be arriving at your destination feeling the utmost chill.

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35 classic love songs perfect for Valentine's Day or every day: listen to the playlist now!

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Playlist voor in het vliegtuig

Top 50 Workout Songs. How many songs do you go through during one workout?

Weve got the ultimate bachelorette party playlist, which happens to also be perfect for a girls night out. There are some classics that by diane.smith

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When you're lying in bed and caught on an endless train of thoughts, music is the best remedy to put you out. Drown out the day's stresses and let the playlist do its job — it's built for total relaxation and instant KO. Here's a mix of old favorites and new. Sweet dreams!

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