"Socialmatic : Cool Instagram-Inspired Camera" ---- I'm sorry, but no. Instagram's logo is from the Rainbow edition poloroids. not the other way around... this new camera might be designed after the insta logo, but it's a rainbow. Still cool, though.

Top Ten Back To College Items That Are Borderline Genius!

Unlike any other laptop sleeve, the Cocoon’s sleeve comes with an elastic band mesh that can hold any and everything. No more carrying pen-drives in pockets, or having “dedicated spaces” for only select items. The mesh on the Cocoon Grid-It laptop sleeve holds all your gear in a beautiful organized grid that looks like a spider-web from OCD heaven! Buy Now.

Your iPhone is as good as a DSLR, and in time it may just overtake it, so why don’t you just use your iPhone as a serious videographing tool? The IOgrapher is probably the best piece of gear to begin with. Designed to work as a stability rig packed with tonnes of features, the IOgrapher allows you to slide your phone in and operate it as you would operate a gimbal, with two handles on the side. BUY NOW!

Multi Port USB C Adapter for 2016 MacBook Pro

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Universal Cable Travel Organizer Wool Felt Case built-in 4-Port USB AC Adapter

Designed with designers in mind, this MacBook Pro 2018 concept explores the integration of a full-size touchpad in place of the traditional keyboard. It relies on Apple’s own Taptic Engine system to give the user the feel of physical buttons or even emulate a scroll wheel or sliders. It retains the touch bar for shortcuts and function keys but the entire surface is touch enabled!

Folding Wooden Desktop Stand for Tablets iPad Macbook Air or Pro

The future...

18 Mac Hacks That Will Make You A MacBook Pro

Amoeba Modular USB Flash Drive Concept

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10 Possible Future Products from Apple [Humorous Images]