engineeringisawesome: Some more information on the 3D-Printed...

U01solar backpack- This is the most brilliantly designed backpack I have ever seen!

Amazing natural disaster protection ball...

Possible new technology for airlines? Technology #FixMyComputerOnSite

amazing bicycle design: 1. slick. 2. foldable. 3. no chain!

Cryptex USB flash drive, 16 Gb


Chinese exchange Huobi goes to the Japanese market The exchange Huobi lead in the Chinese market before the ban by the authorities of the country of cryptocurrency trading moved to Japan leaving the second largest market for digital currency in the world. At the end of 2017 three main cryptocurrency trading platform China Huobi OKCoin and BTCC is officially moved to bitcoin market of Hong Kong. These companies intend working on over-the-counter platform (OTC) to meet the demand for crypto-currencies from Asian individual investors. Huobi changed the name to Pro Huobi starting to work in Hong Kong handles a significant volume of transactions in parallel with OKCoin owned by the Hong Kong stock exchange OKEx. In addition Huobi has signed a strategic partnership agreement with one of Japans largest financial institutions SBI Group. Joint plans include the launch of a large-scale platform cryptocurrency trading in Japan and South Korea. In an official statement SBI Holdings refers to the professional achievements as Huobi exchange with 1.65 million registered accounts and disclosed the details of the transaction: SBI Group acquired 30% of shares owned by Huobi Japanese venture Fund Huobi Technology Japan. It is expected that SBI Holdings will provide the trading platform Huobi virtual Bank accounts and a reliable infrastructure. When in 2016 the worlds largest-volume bitcoin trades had on the Chinese exchange Huobi processed large amounts than any other trading platform on the global market. The activity of large-scale exchanges of digital currencies can lead to exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market both Japan and Asia in General. Employees of Japanese financial holding company Nomura Ishiuchi Simon and Kazuki Miyamoto said that the growth of bitcoin prostimulirujte the development of the economy of the Country of the rising sun. According to Bloomberg analysts have stated that the profits that Japanese investors can obtain due bitcoin trading will increase consumer spending by 23.2-96 billion yen ($2065-8544 million). Thus according to them bitcoin will increase Japanese GDP by 0.3%.

Technology alone will never be the solution to any of the worlds problems. But give a group of caring people who share a purpose the right tools... and together we can create something great. We can make an impact. But tools without a shared purpose become weapons. We all get to choose which we are holding. @healthbeme is tool built to do good with good people. #humancare #raisingcareness #webes #godogood #healthbeme #beorange 🐝🍊 ***Instagram @Healthbeme

Best Latest Technology: The color rings is way in cell phone communication

Newest Samsung Galaxy and Note fashion slim case with style for the savvy users. Fits well into workout and gym clothes. Great gift home accessory products for Apple iPhone 7 Plus owners, gizmos lovers, current smartphone and cellphone owners, shoppers who o are active in health and fitness and travel #tech

The 'Pearl Diver' is a compact second-stage, scuba regulator that incorporates a streamlined aesthetic, it was designed to be more hydrodynamic, allowing easy movement through the water when scuba diving... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

Apple Airpods - Wireless Headphones More

Head-worn computers (or headsets) are the future. Read More at Yanko Design

Universal Cable Travel Organizer Wool Felt Case built-in 4-Port USB AC Adapter

Canadian man invents 'Sit & Stand' crutches | CTV News

What happens when you combine the functionality of a real book with a notebook? Fujitsu's "Real Notebook" of course. This futuristic laptop boasts dual flexible touchscreen displays that can be configured a host of ways.

Uber Investors Are Selling to SoftBank at a Steep Valuation Discount - Fortune Fortune Uber Investors Are Selling to SoftBank at a Steep Valuation Discount Fortune Uber Technologies Inc. shareholders are said to have agreed to sell a sizable stake in the ride-hailing leader to an investor group led by SoftBank Group Corp. allowing the Japanese conglomerate to amass a piece of the company at a steep discount to ... Uber likely isn't the world's most valuable startup anymore Uber Has a Big Opportunity from the SoftBank Stock Sale SoftBank has successfully acquired a big stake in Uber in a major victory for both companies --- via Top Stories - Google News Google Top Stories

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