Nothing but respect for President Obama. Wish he could serve four more years.

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First Lady Michelle Obama

17 Of The Sexiest Quotes Ever Spoken

MICHELLE OBAMA -FIRST LADY -WOMAN. She is just fabulous, intelligent, beautiful, strong. A MAN IS NOT A PLAN.

Maisie Williams has spoken about feminism on a number of occasions, and is no stranger to calling out sexism.

Both misandry and misogyny are bad, however, while misandry USUALLY merely irritates men, misogyny has a damn high rate of killing women. If it seems that feminists are more concerned with women's well-being than men's well-being, THAT is why. That doesn't mean misandry is okay or acceptable by any means, just that it's less likely to get you killed.

Be a Man

How words work


"I wouldn't title myself a feminist, but that's horribly true" if you think it's so true person who commented this, I'm sorry to break it to you but your a feminist, end of story, stop being afraid of the title and start speaking up about equality.

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Early Feminist Quotes

What a disgrace....AGREED. After everything this baffoon said for YEARS about Obama. Smdh.

Night Nurse — Real talk

It's scary because he doesn't understand the irony

The Deadliest Female Sniper in History<<

This Woman’s Story of Harassment Was Familiar To Women, But Men Had a Different Reaction

Emma Watson is discussing how she believes it is wrong to stereotype showing emotions as feminine because it's what makes us human.

That sweet spot where grammar and feminism meet. :)

It is just as important to support men and end the masculine stereotypes as it is to support females.

Our country's actions toward this man will always be an embarrassment to us all.

Simply the best!!

How did Violence Against Women Became a Woman's Issue. It's a human issue and it affects all of us.