Smart woman on the left. Woman on the right KNOWS she doesn't belong in the Whitehouse.

Is this funny or pathetically sad?


discrimination is discrimination, and not everyone should have to share your religious beliefs if you refuse to share theirs.

Tax evaders, dole bludgers, compo earners and the rest of the Centre link community! so dodgy! And I know a few too. Maybe the ato just needs a lending hand. Get a real job!

Try not to be offended by the political party stab, but this is pretty funny.

Republican vs Democrat. And Obama inherited a major recession, Regan's trickle down economics and other misguided policies created a recession.

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I know...WTF!????

A collection of funny memes and viral images skewering Republican presidential…

Encuentra las pequeñas diferencias con las imágenes reales yo... #humor #memes #funny #divertido

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Oh, and he also saved the auto industry, stabilized the housing market, and oversaw the expansion of marriage equality to the entire nation.

Republicans love to blame others and our 45th Pres blames the press for using Facts and not alternative facts.

He means what he says. As an extra bonus, what he says is logical, intelligent and compassionate.

America is already great!


Don the $Con$ tRump "Christian" values. Y'all have lost all self respect!

I did not divide the country. The republican decision to obstruct every single thing I proposed to help us dig out of the financial crisis they caused, divided the country.

Obama. To the contrary I believe he knows exactly what he is doing. A fool doesn't have to be stupid. Psalm 14:1

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