This truth that anyone with a sibling will understand: | 22 Hilarious "Harry Potter" Tumblr Posts That Might Be New To You [ "Share if Obama is your Patronus. <<< My Patronus is a Pegasus ^^", " Also I bet anytime Ron did something that broke the rules he got called Fred and/or George. And at least 1 of the Weasleys should have been called Bill/Charlie's brother (or sister for Ginny) because that happens to me all the time", "The most unrealistic thing about siblings' names were mixed up!", "This truth that anyone with a sibling will understand<<< I feel this too, even though my brother's way older than me, because we have a teacher with my last name and I always get his emails and stuff.", "Not just McGonagall, my mother did this constantly to me and my brothers.", "How did the professors never call them by the wrong name?", "You're Gonna Need Some \"Harry Potter\" Knowledge To Get These Jokes", "My mum confuses me for my sibling and the other way around even though I`m taller than my mom and my sibling is shorter then us and we have different hair color and our names are entirely different and there are only two of us." ] #
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