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If you're struggling to stay within your budget, you should check out this post. We budget backwards to ensure we never run out of cash or go over our budget. It's really simple, you should try it!

I love this! It was so frustrating hearing "Why don't you just do a 401k?!?" Well, for staters I'm not actually old enough and I would be missing out on saving PLUS its better to have some different investment options. So kiss my ass, I'm going to be a millionaire

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Ever wonder the habits of people who are debt free? They are specific and important if you want to get out of debt. Learn how to adopt these habits too.

Looking for ways to improve your credit score? This guide will show you 23 simple tips to increase your credit score fast.

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How would you implement frugal living to save more money? Is it the old car? Coffee at home? Learn more about my frugal measures that you can use too! | Frugality | Managing money | Lifestyle change | Frugal living tips |

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5 Habits to Help You Achieve #Financial Freedom-Simple lifestyle hacks can lead to a successful financial future.

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Great summary of the Jars system for managing money by T. Harv Eker. It's so good for meeting personal finance goals! Download a free budget and money management excel spreadsheet based on the system. via @lucrepf

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