Teddy Roosevelt quote.

i've kept a bit distant from the OWS movement for many, varying reasons - but this, this is worth repinning.

If that little rhetorical device is the only way to get men to care about issues that affect women, then our society is in a very depressing state indeed... Such language defeats the real purpose.

This is not to say that it is wrong to recognize the corruption and the great injustices of government. Because, it is good when people become aware that their own indoctrinations are false, and that they have been lied to by a state that rules over them, and does not represent their interests. However, it is better to live in peace one with another, and allow the One True God of Creation to bring all of those who are a part of this corruption in the Physical to His justice in Read more:

Don't assume that blindly following along with whatever your church doctrine states is doing the "will of God." God gave you a heart and a mind. Use them. Ask yourself: what do I really believe about human rights? What do I really believe about freedom?

NRA and their bought off politicians and the rest of us

speaks for itself

Anonymous - Finale Nachricht an die Regierung des Vereinigtes K├Ânigreichs

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honestly, this is an insult to the animals listed... but the point still stands