'Supernatural': 4 Exclusive Photos | Misha Collins, Jensen…


Sam and Dean (Not my edit)

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Entertainment Weekly ‏@EW Moose + squirrel + Baby = one happy #SPNFamily.

Carry on ~ Kansas

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That's them alright

Dean Winchester Pie Supernatural Pie by ElevendotdotEleven on Etsy

[gifset] Dean’s first and last words of every season <3 It's enough to make you start crying :( #SPN

Oh Chuck... just when I thought that the Supernatural fandom couldn't get any weirder...

I love how both young and older Mary have the same eyes

Classic Misha.

Sam, Sammi, Sam Winchester

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Now Every time I use one of these I will think of this

Quote from Supernatural 12x18 │ Dean Winchester: I wonder what’s gonna happen to this place. After we’re gone, you think some hunter’ll move in, keep fightin’ the fight? Sam Winchester: Yeah, I hope so. Dean Winchester: Yeah. Me, too. Sam Winchester: What are you doin’? Dean Winchester: Leaving our mark. (They carve their initials on the table in bunker.)

character aesthetic // dean winchester from supernatural #spn

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