Hyperloop: ¿Cómo funciona el sistema de transporte futurista de Elon Musk?

The TextBlade is an entirely new class of touch-typing portable keyboard in a breakthrough futuristic form factor.

Here’s a fascinating laptop that actually draws its power from water.

Se Vende Celular Cat S60 Se vende al por Mayor y al por Menor, Pueden comunicar al numero telefonico y tambien por el ...

BlackBerry Empathy

Why not turn your feet into wheels? The Orbitwheel from Inventist Inc. is a stellar concept that takes two-wheeled transportation to the next level! Fun gift for grandchildren!

Head-worn computers (or headsets) are the future. Read More at Yanko Design

Masimo's iPhone oximeter puts vital health information at the tip of your finger (hands-on)

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Titanium Escape Ring

Holograma 3D Star Wars TIE Fighter

"Ooho! is an edible water blob that hopes to rid the world of plastic bottles." More

Suddenly I feel very old #ITHQ #itheadquarters

A New Way to Heal Broken Bones: 3D-Printed Casts

•♥• Crazy...Shoes holding you back? Barefoot Running 'Stickers' - Now that's hardcore. You go Nike.

This is a really effective design proposal. It uses vectors as well as real life photographs to demonstrate to the viewer how this object is used. I like the idea of combining the two. While it would be difficult to find a table with a screen built into it I think i could vectorise it. I also like the clean look of this design proposal, simple and straight to the point.

Cada día se dan a conocer nuevos inventos que todas las personas quisiéramos tener, pero lamentablemente no todos tenemos la cantidad de dinero para poder comprarlo sin quedarnos en la pobreza para toda la vida. Hoy te mostraremos algunos que encontramos en diferentes sitios. Y no, no pondré el costo, ni el link para comprarlos. […]

The Looxcie LX2 is a wearable hands free video camera that is designed to work with either an Android or iOS smartphone. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and uses the phone’s internet connectivity for sharing videos LIVE online.

How Wearable Technology Could Save Our Health [Wearable Electronics: The Future of Medicine: Wearable Electronics for Sale:]