Dear heavenly Father, I call on you today as a blood-bought child of God asking for Your help and protection in this time of spiritual attack. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and that through…

There is power in the name of Jesus Christ, and in that power let us stand united and resist this devil who think he got us trapped. We are overcomers in Christ Jesus and God has a hedge of protection around us and our loved one. AMEN

Write out the truths from God's word and recite them often if necessary until they become a part of your beliefs. Pray and ask God to help you truly believe them. That's the kind of prayer He delights in answering! Christian Inspirational Quote. Bible Verses. Scripture.

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Silence the Lies Bookmark: "God Says:" Scripture to combat the lies we all hear. #crashthechatterbox

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Biblemark.....Mildred Williams

When it seems as if your life is falling apart

25 Encouraging Bible Verses from the Book of Psalms

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Who can find a virtuous wife? for she is worth far more than rubies. Proverbs 31:10-31

Find your rest in the loving arms of the Father.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this wonderful gift of a husband, companion and friend. Remind me to celebrate his achievements, and to turn my focus away from his faults. Equip me to be the help meet you have called me to be, and the friend my husband needs me to be. by paulette

Finding Help In The Bible

Stop Saying I’ll Pray For You And Start Taking Action

2 Timothy 3:16 - Google Search

Four Good Scriptures for When you're tired and beaten down. God truly does care about our spirits and doesn't want us to burn out.

Are you just barely hanging on, wondering how you’ll make it? Turn to God and rely on His strength for the day. Lean on these 10 scriptures. Christian inspirational quote.

I want to get away because my spirit is broken...

Lord Help Us

It is a common misconception that praying for ourselves is a selfish thing to do. Join me in overcoming that lie from the enemy as we learn how to claim 7 verses that will equip us for living a godly life! {FREE PRINTABLES!} via @JrnyToImperfect