Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Smartphone Printer. I want this for christmas...

Los últimos desarrollos tecnológicos permiten que los dispositivos sean tan pequeños que podemos llevarlos con nosotros a todos lados, pero el reto hoy en día se torna a como crear una relación persona/objeto que no involucre estar atado a una pantalla y realmente mejore nuestra vida cotidiana

The Lifting Sink offers an innovative yet entirely simplistic way to customize the size of your sink while also reducing water consumption. Composed of three nested metal layers, it’s storage capacity of this sink can be adjusting in a cinch! When only a

Cooler Geeks - iPhone projector attachment...what!? #geeky #coolthingstobuy #thatseasier

Alarm Clock Aromatherapy Diffuser @ Sharper Image

new bedroom addition

The inCharge is the perfect size to carry on your keychain or keyring. You can take it anywhere and always be ready to charge your phone.

An innovative way to feel music. Designer Jackson McConnell created a waveform speaker for hearing-impaired people to enjoy music.

Great idea of a Window Mounted Solar Charger to save electricity. It will be very handy to travel with you.

Digital highlighter - Text goes directly to your computer! Genius #product_design

"Socialmatic : Cool Instagram-Inspired Camera" ---- I'm sorry, but no. Instagram's logo is from the Rainbow edition poloroids. not the other way around... this new camera might be designed after the insta logo, but it's a rainbow. Still cool, though.

Everything You Need To Know About The Lexus Hoverboard

Creative candle design ♥

Flic can do so many things! From controlling your music to taking selfies to ordering food… the possibilities are endless!

Ya no más subrayados que parezcan hechos por un borracho.

20 inventions vraiment géniales pour améliorer ta vie au quotidien

Les montres du futur

A new alarm called the Ruggie forces sleepy people to physically get out of bed to shut it off

8 Cool #Alarm Clocks ...

Stick on shoes by Nike

Best Latest Technology: The color rings is way in cell phone communication

Digital highlighter - Text goes directly to your computer! Genius #product_design

The Volkswagen Roller is a new-age roller skate. It’s autonomous, and hands-free. The design comes with two main hubless wheels and two retractable rear wheels. Each roller comes with a hard-plastic shoe that you slide your feet into.

Tempescope weather forecast | design | tech | minimalist design | sleek tech

Flash drive bracelets at By Nordvik on Etsy. Great simple Danish design.