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I've always wanted a tatoo, but I'm such a wuss. Apparently you can have a new one everyday with this awesome gadget!

Abandoned pens and other such stationery stand a chance at purposeful usage, thanks to the Pen Printer. The device uses the ink from discarded pens to print on paper. The current tech may not support such an ambitious idea, but it’s worth the exploration, since many of us have bundles of uncapped and discarded pens in our drawers for no apparent reason.

Los últimos desarrollos tecnológicos permiten que los dispositivos sean tan pequeños que podemos llevarlos con nosotros a todos lados, pero el reto hoy en día se torna a como crear una relación persona/objeto que no involucre estar atado a una pantalla y realmente mejore nuestra vida cotidiana

Cat USB hub - unfortunately only available through, with a minimum order of 100. Still, might be worth it.

3in1 Fisheye&Wide Angle&Macro Lens for Cell Phone - INFMETRY

As an elegant carpet it blends into the home environment and as a fitness tool, it transforms into a high-tech yoga mat.

18+Cool+Tech+Gifts+to+Surprise+Your+Family+With+This+Year -

Cracking Open: Apple Pencil is powered by amazingly tiny tech

Ya no más subrayados que parezcan hechos por un borracho.

Life saving bracelet Amazing! A must have got every beach bag!

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Super Cool Zmlink Full HD Mini Pocket DLP WIFI LCD Portable Built-in Media Player Home Theater for Phone

This is so cool! I loved! - Os pen drives mais gostosos do mundo! (The most yummy pen drives of the world!) via Garotas Geeks

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Capitulo 2; pagina 25 > Martin estuvo tan tranquilo mientras dormia que se le olvido endonde estaba.

Great idea of a Window Mounted Solar Charger to save electricity. It will be very handy to travel with you.

Holy cow, we NEED one of these mini robot printers. It's like a Roomba mated with your office printer.