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Your iPhone is as good as a DSLR, and in time it may just overtake it, so why don’t you just use your iPhone as a serious videographing tool? The IOgrapher is probably the best piece of gear to begin with. Designed to work as a stability rig packed with tonnes of features, the IOgrapher allows you to slide your phone in and operate it as you would operate a gimbal, with two handles on the side. BUY NOW!

Evolution technologique...

MoodINQ Wand Handheld Programmable Tattoo Printer Get a Tattoo W/Out The Committment

For those who love night rides: bike light that let you know what the ground is like in the dark.

La evolución de iOS | Mundo Ejecutivo

3D Monitor that you can actually buy! I really want one of these! Tap the link for an awesome selection of drones and accessories to start flying right away. Take flight today with a new hobby! Always Free Shipping Worldwide!


I want to go camping with this!

PreVue Pregnancy eTextile Device Lets Mothers See Their Baby Grow ... see more at

What is the Car Coming to? The Evolution of Human-Car Interactions #connectedcars #security

German transport company Deutsche Bahn trialed their first ever self-driving public bus. Given the task of commuting from the train station to the town center in Bavaria, EastTen traveled the 700-meter journey with ease. Designed by French company EasyMile, this autonomous vehicle is loaded with sensors, lasers, and a GPS system to help get the folks of Bavaria around safely.

You don’t need a $150,000 luxury car to have head up display! All you need is Hudway Glass – an easy auto add-on that works in tandem with any smartphone. Simply place it on your dash and the reflective glass will enlarge whatever is displayed on your phone without interfering with road visibility.

Awesome Invention!

Scarpar: Electric skateboard that can dominate any terrain. #products #tech - rePinned by

It’s called the Air Shield Umbrella and it’s an inflatable design without any wires or flimsy rods that will break in the wind. Instead, a pump built in to the handle that inflates the supporting structure of the canopy with the touch of a button! In seconds, you’ll be shielded from the elements. Better yet, it’s transparent so you can maintain visibility while underneath it.

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Amazing new styles. Amazing new technology. One look at these cars and you'll swear that you're living in outer space. Yes, these cars are futuristic. They are a dream. They are based on incredible imagination. But the best thing is, they are cool to look at.