If you look to the changes in food, and also to the drugs and chemicals which are prescribed, and even to those things which are sprayed in the air; much of their effect is to cause man to become more amenable. This is intended to make you ready or... [ "Women, speak out against feminism. You're the only ones allowed to. Pounce on every double standard, every opportunistic exploitation, every privilege-seeking inconsistency. All it takes for evil (feminism) to flourish is for good people to do nothing!", "This is why I refuse to be silent, or be \"nice\" when I see oppression in all its forms. \"Being nice\" has never changed governments, it has led not revolutions, and it has never given power back to the people.", "We need to speak up and tell our congressman that we are tired of being taxed heavily, we are tired of our jobs being shipped overseas, and we are tired of cheap goods flooding our borders and increasing our trade deficit!", "Racism should be stopped. In order for this to happen, people need to speak up- people who believe in justice and equality. This image demonstrates that being silent about something could lead to more harm and damage that our society already faces.", "Your silence is consent. Plato. Consent to evil. Take action, speak out, vote. Contact your representatives and senators. Write the White House. One persistent person *CAN* and \"*HAS* made a difference in our world. Be the change you want to see.", "Your silence gives consent. Stand up for what you believe in, don't expect others to speak up with your best interests in mind. If you don't know what those are, or you don't value them enough to speak them aloud, how will they?", "You should quit thinking that your job and the material things you want are more important. Bc if we don't come together and take action there will be no future to work toward or plan for. Use your voice. God send.", "This is a common term used at the present time. It means that if there is a rule against it and you don't enforce it in a timely manner, you forfeit the ability to enforce the infraction. Justice should be swift." ] #
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