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No truer words!

For those I love... I will do great and terrible things...

They also have more resources to get things done


We need more natural, organic foods for the world... and no GMOs. Stop Monsanto. Stop GMO.

Eleanor Roosevelt: "Happiness is not a's a by-product of a life well lived." The Best Quotes On Happiness -


The 5 Truths Of The Wanderlust Gene | Odyssey

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It’s imperative everyone knows the information contained in the following presentations; it could be a matter of life or death. They’re all brief so, be absolutely certain you watch all four as the LORD has compelled me to share them with you:,, and

Through the doubt of today, we triumph, still, in victory of patriotism and hope for tomorrow and cherish those around us during the holiday season. Prayers go out to those who are serving across seas, who may not be with their loved ones this holiday. God Bless.

O povo não sabe seu verdadeiro poder.

Are you ready...?

I didn't know much about the man, and because of these stories, I promise, I will read up on who he really was. I think that would honor his memory best.

Fake. Thomas Jefferson neither wrote nor said any such thing. It first appeared in print in 1986.

Yeah take a look at all white privilege, corrupt TRUMP is getting away with and is being shoved under the rug ! No way Obama would've ever gotten into office if he conducted himself as the current uneducated dummy does !

More men should aim to be like John Wayne

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Hail Hydra! The Cedarville Rock