Precisely! by stuff like this thats why i think that Dr Carson SHOULD be the Next president.. REALLY


$15.00 Minimum wage you treasonist Capitalists. It should be $25-$35 hourly min. figuring in "cost of living" indexes over the last 40 YEARS. European worker's average $25 min. & up. Here 'N 'Merica, workers rights are often opposed with "Right to work" Laws destroying Unions & "Part-Time" for everyone, to abolish Employer provided Health & dental. "Do unto others as you would have Them do unto you!" Remember what they taught you in Sunday School? #thegoldenrule #greatChristianAmerica #Pharisees

✿ sos una belleza ✿

Reduced the EPA by 25%!!!!

Trump hypocrisy.

Just speaking the truth here.

Now you know what is wrong with these people !

Work on old gas guzzling cars in the driveway and put the We don't dial 911 sign up.

#DropOutHillary #BernieOrBust

Please wake up and acknowledge that you made a mistake!

Truth be told... Follow the money...


. . . If I can take care of nazi sympathizers, they can serve pizza to gay people. " Well said!

Trump is so stupid. Who in their right mind would vote for this POS?

Nothing but respect for President Obama. Wish he could serve four more years.


Also can we address the grammar error in the trump part lol


Separation of church and State is 100% NECESSARY


Hear, hear!