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Nothing more infuriating to me than breaking down and buying something expensive, only to find it cheerfully marked “50% OFF!” a couple of months later.   Retail patterns can seem mysterious and random, but there are very specific times when retailers mark down…and down…and slash prices again until the thing is gone. You ready to [...]

Dave Ramsey steps- Budgeting/Organizing

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52 week saving plan to save for a house or whatever you would like to spend $5000.00 on.:

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Seven Useful Microsoft Excel Features You May Not Be Using

BI Graphic_15 Things to Stop Wasting Money On

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#Infographic: 13 Money-Saving Tips for 2013

Budgeting Infographic

Easy budgeting system. Step by step instructions to stay on track and save money.

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Monthly Household Budget Worksheet @ Mom's ---Great site!!!