Discover how to budget your money correctly with Dave Ramsey's recommended household budget percentages. READ MORE.

Effectively track your money with this list of over 100 budget categories to organize your budget.

Reduce spending and pay off debt with budget guidelines. These percentages are great for saving money and reducing debt. It is a great way to create budgets for beginners! Check out how we used these guidelines to pay off debt FAST!

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Ideal Budget | Pete the Planner Dot Com -- this is the budget that we use-- and it works! It's not fun to do, but it's worth it. Check it out!

What percentage of my paycheck should go towards certain categories? We created a handy guide to help you get started!

Creating a beginner's budget especially for bi-weekly paychecks

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Dave Ramsey's Financial Rules of Thumb

Dave Ramsey's Budget Percentages

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Learn how to apply the 50/30/20 forumla of spending! via @brightpeakspeak

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The 50/20/30 Budget More

Dave Ramsey Recommended Household Budget Percentages

Budgeting Infographic

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