Can't wait for these mini phone batteries to come out. [ "Cargadores portatiles....Mini Power – Portable Mobile Phone Charger by Tsung Chih-Hsien..", "The online exhibition for the most recent winning design concepts, prototypes and ready to launch products of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept, one of the largest and most prestigious professional level design awards for design concepts in the world.", "Question 3 \"where will this go to die\" Amazing new, convenient, portable chargers! With new technology comes new opportunities to make sure we throw everything away safely.", "You know how is it like with smartphones' battery. It seems that they're never enough no matter how long-lasting phone maker claims them to be, but that could be an oversight on part for not", "This is super neat and about the same size as a flash drive. If you are like me and constantly running low on battery power, this is a good little way to save your day! I am super curious how these will do. Cannot wait to try it out!", "Eco-friendly benefits of this product: Can be recharged for repeated use and recycled Made out of biodegradable cardboard Doesn't require packaging like traditional batteries do", "No matter how big smartphone batteries are, smartphone users still often must rely on external battery packs to keep them going, so it’s no wonder the accessory market is filled with third-party ac...", "We're a website filled with content produced by women for women. Our primary focus is technology, gadgets and the digital space with a special interest in how it affects you: a young woman in South Africa.", "A fact for our days living in big cities, where lifestyle forces people to work all day non-stop, is the empty battery of their smartphone, especially when they need it the most, during the day. Th…" ] #
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