Republicans love to blame others and our 45th Pres blames the press for using Facts and not alternative facts.

Actually, it IS our business!


Actually should read I am a politician..any politician, I pretend to care but don't until it affects me or mine or my bank account...

Some sociology humor

This economic plan: | 21 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Millennials Laugh Then Cry

This has been happening to America...but America now has been given a second chance! We were on the road toward 'the beginning of the end', but Now Trump is turning this ship around!

#JusticeDemocrats #JusticeDemocrats #JusticeDemocrats Progressives are coming

Rich RepukkkeFascist Moochers Fleecing Working Taxpayers!!!

Broken System vs Design

pinner: This is from a board that is strongly pro-Palestine and strongly anti-Israel, but I thought it most appropriate for America and some of her voters.

Stop voting for democrats people ! Power plays. Say they will give you other people’s tax money so you will vote for them and increase their personal wealth, power and destruction of the US