Cool inventions - some of these are pretty darn cool! I thought the hamper cleaner said hamster washer and cleaner:

Need some inspiration? These awesome gadgets and inventions will hopefully get you inspired

Shut Up And Take My Money

I M U S T have this!! One iRing to control all your Apple media devices. Now that's cool!

It’s the world’s first, small, ultra-portable camera specifically focused on creating and capturing great content for Instagram.

This is a genius invention for prevention of the effect of pollution on our lungs. This seems like such a great thing but where will this go to die? #ewastepollution #ewastepollutiontostoppollution

Old school

iPhone 4/4S

MacBook y mate, café, chocolate?

Don't like the iPod Cigarettes but I love everything else. Lol

Cool Tech & Gadgets

Almighty Board Digital Kitchen Assistant

This is the one USB stick every iPhone fan will want to own

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Golden Robot USB Flash Drive | Sumally

Protector accessory for iPhone

Table and a computer concept [ ] #technology #online #marketing | Repinned by @keilonegordon

I have owned the classic, performa 636cd, performa 6300av. I still own the cube, Mac Pro G3, G4, G5, first FireWire iPod, iPod video, Apple TV, MacBook Pro 13, ipad 64 gb lte version. 2x iPhone 4S.

what a revo thing's