Sylvester Stallone's story - Pretty amazing!

Words for teenagers

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS T-SHIRT What's the meaning of being politically correct? It's a 'term used to describe overly-sensitive pansies who need everything sugar-coated for them. If you hate political c

Wake up, America! Get your damn priorities straight! Guns don't kill people, people with no value for life kill people!

Words of wisdom from Bill Gates

History is proven to repeat itself. Pay attention and be brutally honest, does any of this sound familiar to you? Yes it does! So my fellow American, what are you going to do about it?

Society has gotten to the point where everyboy has a right but nobody has a responsibility. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS AND WORDS

This about sums it up in how I feel these days with the so called political leaders of this great Nation! Just like the President, it's time to put a cap on the time they can be in those positions!

If you tell the truth; You won't have to remember anything - Mark Twain More

Be this guy.

I hope we are all praying for our Leaders... My son came home with homework that he must watch on the Internet about the new naval equipment the govt is so excited about... Unfortunate we get excited about what we can destroy instead of what we can build to please God... I'm concerned.. He was scared and concerned and all could think of to say was Pray... Be right with God and think on the positive in this earth..we need to be lead to greatness not destruction..

Thomas Jefferson, a man truely ahead of his time, genius Vote republicans out and end the greedy take over.

When seconds count, police are just minutes away.. idk guns are iffy but i believe it should be a riht and choice to own one. but I'm not praying to God haha