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Stop paying monthly fees for home monitoring. You can easily set up and keep an eye on your home using new smart home technology.

Raspberry Pi Wall Mounted Google Calendar

Smart mirrors have been all the rage this year, and it looks like Microsoft’s getting into the game too. While Microsoft’s mirror is teased as a commercial product, they’ve released the source code if you’re interested in making one for yourself.

Convert $2 LED Lamp to $50 Smart Lamp

7 Top Smart Home Technology Trends! Fun ideas, gadgets and easy tips to make your house a little smarter! These make great gifts for the technology lovers on your list, too!

Smart windows: tablet-like surface for every window in your home. (via Dvice)

THE FUTURE IS NOW The heart of the 'Family Hub' fridge is a 21.5-inch high-definition LCD touchscreen display on the outside of the refrigerator’s top right door. Using that screen, families can leave each other notes, share photos, check their calendars, mirror their Samsung smart TV, stream music, and partake in a host of other activities you probably never even thought you might want to do on your fridge (and, um, you might still not want to do). RF28K9580SG #samsung #insane #touchscreen

No More Curtains! Smart Glass Blocks Light on Command

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This Tiny Portable Air Conditioner Will Keep You Cool Anywhere - for the one hot week in SF

Sink! The surface glows red or blue to denote how hot or cold it is.

21 Essential Smart Home Projects for Beginners. Getting started is way easier than you think.

My Bathroom Mirror Is Smarter Than Yours – When I couldn’t buy a smart mirror and made one instead by Max Braun ||


Our list of 38 ideas for starting your smart home using Samsung SmartThings is great for getting started or taking your home to the next level.

The Keen Home Smart Vent creates an intuitive room-zoned HVAC system that proactively balances your home’s temperature. Strategically placing 4 - 8 Smart Vents throughout your home, in rooms that are over-conditioned or rarely used, creates a balanced home temperature system that enhances comfort room by room. The Smart Vent’s built-in sensors wirelessly communicate with each other—as well as other smart devices—to regulate and redirect airflow where needed.

Smart home gets healthy, aided by tech that talks

Want to add smart home technology to your home? Here's 4 reasons why you should upgrade your home with NuBryte all-in-one smart home!

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Your iPhone is as good as a DSLR, and in time it may just overtake it, so why don’t you just use your iPhone as a serious videographing tool? The IOgrapher is probably the best piece of gear to begin with. Designed to work as a stability rig packed with tonnes of features, the IOgrapher allows you to slide your phone in and operate it as you would operate a gimbal, with two handles on the side. BUY NOW!