Someone made a chart of 128 words you can use instead of just adding 'very' to everything. | Workplace | Someecards [ "I provide writing and editing services to business clients. I draw on my years of experience as a journalist and corporate writer to create content that helps you connect with your audiences, promote your brand and attract customers or clients. Please joi", "Writing is hard, and writing without repeating yourself is very, very hard—but as you may have already noticed, one of the most repeated words in English is the intensifying modifier \"very.", "Writing tips - Romance the-ladies-grim-and-atheral: “Hey guys! Grim here. One of my biggest pet peeves in writing is when a romance is poorly done. Many of you have probably already guessed that given...", "Our English teachers told us to avoid the word “very” because it’s weak and vague. They were right, and many times, we use “very” as a modifier for a word that could easily be replaced with a stronger, more accurate word. This infographic tells you what t", "Cinematography techniques are important to any filmmaker since they help tell the film’s story in the most effective way possible. As a director of photography, it is critical that you learn the most effective and precise cinematography techniques...", "Repetition in writing is bad, but luckily the website proofreadingservices has created this chart of 128 words you can use instead of using \"very\" in front of various common words - it's very useful.^^^i can already tell, even at a glance", "Writing is hard, and writing without repeating yourself is very, very hard - but use this list to provide students with the vocabulary to expand their verbal horizons (yes I know this is cheesy).", "I chose this post because in Chapter 15 Goff talked about how he was told not to use the word that. Very is another common word people use often and I think this will help people branch out their vocabulary in terms of the word very.", "We've all heard the warnings; acid rain, global warming, landfills without any room, and on and on. We don't recycle because it's the \"in\" thing to do; we recycle because we don't have any other options if we plan to leave the planet" ] #
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