Then you have Trump that faked bone spurs to get three draft deferments from the Vietnam war..while still playing Football in college..and according to him he was the best player the school had ever seen. He also played several other sports. No wonder he is buddies with Ted Nugent who crapped in his pants for a week?4 going to his induction physical. Traitors

Amen brother! These politicians forgot how government works and what the Constitution means! We DON'T have to show a NEED to exercise a constitutional right guaranteed to us! It's guaranteed you fucking moron politicians!

And it's your choice to share if you feel it will be put to good use.

A congress with ethics, good luck with that. Wouldn't a dedicated congress that actually cared about our country make you proud to be an American? Impossible dream?

Lock the Clinton trash up!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars stuffed with Salted Caramel

The growing concerns over availability of clean water have been elucidated in…

Damn straight!!



Let's take care of our veterans as they've taken care of our freedoms & national safety.

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