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Funko Pop Wave!: Buffy Cazadora de Pops!

the nanny...I love this show despite her voice

Buffy 20 year cast reunion

I think it's hilarious that Riley is there with all the other main characters. RILEY?! (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

straight outta sunnydale #btvs

angel tv show | ... angel tv series character 1024x768 wallp Entertainment TV Series HD

This Crazy Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theory Brings Together The Entire Joss Whedon Universe.

I can’t.....Biddy Craft

The most heart-wrenching moments are when Buffy is forced to lose her humor and good attitude about life. But they are also the moments where she shines the brightest, where you think "I would follow her."

¡Mi Pasatiempos! - Stefania

The prayer of the Browncoats.

The Hilfigers se van de caza.

#Spike conquistó con su pose de Billy Idol a las seguidoras de #BTVS sin ningún esfuerzo

WARCRAFT, el origen, acabo de salir del cine

It's tacky

Heheehehhehe Dopplegandland #favoritemoments | Buffy The Vampire Slayer

love this pic! can't make a choice? Angle? or Spike? it might just be the hardest choice ever!

Buffy vs Twilight

I feel like this was one of the defining moments in his life. For him its like, 'the woman I love believes in me'; it's what kept him going from this point on.

Buffy the 20th anniversary

TRIANGLE ~ clever, hysterical BTVS ep... best writing!!

Sunnydale High forever. | 27 Signs You Went To High School In Sunnydale