Samsung Curved 4K Ultra HD TV: Imagine watching your favorite shows, movies, NFL games and more! Get one HERE:

Samsung U9500 CES 2014

The current flying car prototype AeroMobil 3.0 incorporates significant improvements and upgrades. It is now being tested in real flight conditions since October 2014. Initially certified by the Slovak Federation of Ultra-Light Flying, it now entered a regular flight-testing program.

Now you can have the luxury of a big screen movie in the palm of your hand! With a portable HD projector for your iPhone you can use your phone to project movies on screens up to 60 inches! The sky is limit; just plug and play your movies on any blank wall. Hang a bed sheet outside and turn your backyard into a theater this summer, making memories for your kids that will last a lifetime!

Whether you’re home or not, you’ll now be able to check who’s been at your doorstep with the Motion Activated Peephole Viewer by Brinno.

Holus Interactive Tabletop Holographic Display - Holus is a tabletop holographic platform that converts any digital content from a computer, tablet, or smartphone into a 3D hologram.

A two-faced phone? Yes indeed! From the front the YotaPhone 2 is a conventional Android smartphone with a 5-inch color display. Flip it around and there's a 4.7-inch @eink monochrome screen as well. The extra screen uses same low-power tech found in e-readers, which means the Russian-made unit can run six days on a charge or provide 100 hours of reading time. The extra display can be viewed in bright sunlight, has its own apps but can also run Android apps in a low-power mode. #CES2015


The futures here

The Samsung Flexible Roll applies future #flex tech to create the most portable tablet laptop

Radical rethinking of the Personal Mobility Vehicle [ ] #new #avionics #technology

Software engineer Ken Kawamoto has invented a device that allows you to see a high-tech simulation of the weather forecast right on your own desktop.

3D Monitor

In the futute technology will be very advanced since people are very creative and smart. Having transparent technological devices will be the new trend. having to see through your device and not seeing any parts would be cool.

Samsung shows off its 85-inch curved TV that bends with the touch of a button (video) Bridget we need one of these!

10 Possible Future Products from Apple [Humorous Images]

Speakers show the waveforms of the sounds produced.

This is!

The Iron Man of Firefighting Imagine climbing upwards of a grueling 50 flights of stairs while wearing 30 pounds of gear. That’s the reality for many high-rise firefighters. A little help would be nice, right?! That’s where the AFA Powered Exoskeleton comes in. Strapped over the firefighter’s gear, the device provides supplemental muscle to aid performance in walking, running and carrying up to 200 lbs.. Enough to carry equipment or even injured victims in time-crucial emergency situations.

Walking Aid for Foot Injuries- an Alternative to Crutches by Adeline Thong at

C-Thru smoke diving helmet concept. It helps firefighters to see clearly in smoke-filled buildings to do rescue missions. Using their traditional firefighting equipment, they have to keep hand contact with walls or crawl on the ground while carrying heavy air support and hand held equipment, this can slow down the rescue process.

Eye Implant Could Make Glasses Obsolete | A revolutionary new eye implant that doctors are referring to as a “breakthrough” could make glasses a thing of the past for millions of people... [Futuristic Contact Lenses: The Future of Medicine:]

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Cool Gadgets for Geeks and Travelers This Christmas, Many of Them Bargains Under $20. Laser Projected Virtual Keyboard